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How to use your phone to monitor your children

We all know that parental control is a tough task especially when you are a working professional and getting very less time to manage your children.

When in this technology enabled society, mostly people are stick to their mobile phone, laptops, and other electronic gadgets, how your child can be apart? Usually, it has been seen that Childs start using the smartphones at the very initial stage and so managing them is again a difficult task.

But it’s well said that when the other part is using some advanced technologies why don’t you are using it. And so, to manage your child, start using some advanced gadgets which can help. And what can be better than the smartphone. The one which is quite handy to you!

In this post we are going to talk how you can make use of your smart phone to properly monitor your child. These are pretty straight forward techniques and we will use parental control software called Snoopza for that.

Let’s start and discuss few best methods-

#1 You can control what your kids can browse

There are millions of websites and blogs online and every site is not good to access especially for the kids. And so being the parent it’s your responsibility to control what they should check and what not. In this case you can use snoopza secret cell phone tracker and get to know what they are browsing and accessing. Now from the Snoopza dashboard, you can block some sites or some category which you don’t want your kids to access.

#2 Monitor their activity on phones

There are a lot of things those can be done using the smartphone. For example, you may not access the website instead you may starting using the mobile apps and so it is necessary to monitor those. Snoopza provides excellent feature using which you can monitor someone’s phone screen where the tool is installed by taking screenshots and creating videos. You can also try the snoopza now using this link and check how to monitor the screen from your dashboard.

#3 Follow up the calls and Messages

Using the app you can also see whom your kids are making calls or from where they are getting calls. Also, which are the top called numbers and the duration of the call? Using these details you will be able to know if they are talking to any strangers or not.

In these teenagers age, it becomes difficult to decide whom to talk and follow and whom to avoid. But this can easily be decided by the parents and so by getting the data, you can do proper care. And the same applies to the messages also. You will be able to track the text messages, social media messaged, interactions etc. Based on these you can take proper actions.


Parental control is quite an important aspect for any parent to their kids. You must need to manage and monitor during their initial age to have a solid foundation going forward. Whatever manners and good things you will teach in this age will be used for life long and so you must take care and put extra effort.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with managing with mobile in case parents are working and struggling with the time?

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