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Make $500 Per Week by Using your Android Phone

How to Make $500/week Instructions and Guides:

Step 1: Click here and Download this app on your Android devices.

Step 2: After downloading App, register yourself in App, and when it ask you for registration code, then you can fill: 40457

Registration without code does not make you qualify for full potential earnings, and its a one time chance for signup in this. You can never again signup in this App, so be careful while signing up in this App.

Step 3: Accept challenge. To complete this challenge you have to download approx 5-7 apps on your Android phones. (After Downloading Apps, Must use them for at least 2 Minute) Every time you open this app, it automatically shows you pending challenge to complete. Finally when you will succeed in completing this challenge, its shows your dashboard and make you qualify to earn $500 per week.

Step 4: How to Earn after completing challenges.

After completion of your challenge, you can find your personal invitation code of this app to send users. To find this personal invitation code or messages, open this app and slide screen two times to go on ‘Invite & Earn’ Option. Then select any one of give promotional messages to invite friends from Whatsapp, facebook etc. You can also use your own promotional messages to getting better responses but use the same link given in message by this app to do this. Also mention about completing this challenge, as completing challenge is compulsory for successful registration. And your registration code will be last numerical digits given on your invitation link.

Message: If you’re think like that if any  user download this app then you will earn money then its wrong assumption. To know the full story keep reading this post till last.

Step 4: Now when your friend download main app and complete their challenge, you will credited $0.50 to $1 in your account after 35 minutes. This earning amount is depends on live rates shown in App dashboard, also shown in above first image of this post.

Step 5: Now your this 1st friend who gives you $0.50 to $1 for completing their challenge by using their link, will give you $500+ in future. I think now you are getting excited, yes now you are going to learn the real picture of Earn money $500 Per week by using your android phones. Now what will happen?

When you friend start promoting link for his own profits, but you also earn from him up to 7 Levels like shown in below given image. Chart is based on current live rate of $2, it may vary according country to country and live rates.

How to Get Payment?

1. Via Recharge ($0.16)

2. Bank Transfre (Minimum $20)

3. Via Online Shopping

Note: You may uninstall Apps from your phone only after 7 days.

This App is owned by Champcash Pvt Ltd. And gives authority to their users to post it anywhere.

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