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How to Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit


SP’s: For android users we are here with cool security trick for How to Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit. Stagefright is a native media playback tool used by Android and all these weaknesses reside in it. Drake states that they are all “remote code execution” bugs, allowing malicious hackers to infiltrate devices and exfiltrate private data. This vulnerability come to know previous week and now many android users are concious about this. But you can’t overcome from this until you remove or say disable all the factors responsible for this. So for this you just have to follow our complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How to Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit

Time to secure your device from this vulnerability that can exploit  your android even at lock screen. And with our guide you can disable the apps that get triggered for this attack to work. So proceed with the steps below to proceed.

How Stagefright Exploit Can Be Dangerous For Your Android

In this vulnerability attackers will just need your phone number to send you a multimedia MMS that will get to the android that vulnerable to this exploit. And the MMS will auto retrieve from the locked screen and lock will get opens and the code will get executed in the android device and the hackers will have access to data of the target device. And this attack is more dangerous than phishing attack as this the code will auto implement in the android with this exploit.

Way To Check Your Device Vulnerable To Stagefright Exploit

You cam check your android to be vulnerable to this exploit with a cool android app that is Stagefright Detector. This app will scan your device and will show you the result that your device is vulnerable or not.1

If this app say your device is not vulnerable then your are secure and lucky too. But if not then proceed with below guide to secure your device.

Checksums To Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit

#1 Uncheck Auto-retrieve MMS In Hangout App

Hangout app is major vulnerable to this attack as it automatically receive the MMS which you can disable by clicking three line sign in app and then go to Settings -> SMS and there uncheck the Auto-retrieve MMS.2

#2 Uncheck Auto-retrieve MMS In Default Messaging App

To do you have to go to Settings -> Multimedia Messages (MMS) and there uncheck the Auto-retrieve MMS.3

#3 Disabling Auto-retrieve In Google Messenger App

If you currently using google messenger app then you need to disable auto retrieve there also which you can do by opening Settings -> “Advanced” and there disable the “Auto-retrieve”.


Conclusion: So above is all about How to Protect Your Android Phone from Stagefright Exploit. With this all the attacking MMS will not get automatically opened and trigger this exploit and your android will be secure. Hope you secured your device, share it maximum with others and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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