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How To Combine Facebook Cover With Profile Picture


SP’s: Today we are here with cool facebook trick that is How To Combine Facebook Cover with Profile Picture. Looks impossible to combine profile picture with previous cover pic, but this is possible. On the giant social media network Facebook your can implement this cool trick. The way is very simple and trick one by which you can easily have a cool profile picture and the cover picture that will look like single one that is needs another one to complete. So follow up the complete guide below to proceed.

How To Combine Facebook Cover With Profile Picture

The method is very simple and easy and is done using a website that will help you to create such images that will be looks combined in your facebook profile picture and the cover picture. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

Steps To Join Facebook Cover with Profile Picture

  1. First of all you need to visit the site Tickedoutimeline.
  2. Now choose out your favorite picture that you want to use as a single picture for your profile and cover picture.
  3. Now there scroll down and click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo option on the site.1
  4. Now upload the image that you have selected.2
  5. Now just click on the cover photo and wait for few seconds and your cover and profile picture is ready to download.3
  6. Now download the both photos that is profile picture and the cover picture.4
  7. Now just open your facebook account and upload both the pictures in their respective position.
  8. And see the magic your timeline will now looks like having a single picture in the profile and cover picture.
    Combien Profile And Cover picture

Combien Profile And Cover picture

  • Thats it you are done, now you have an attractive profile to jealous your friends.

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