About Us

Hello, we are IJ Tech.

IJ TECH was founded by Shivam Patsariya And Ijaz Ahamed. Were interested in writing articles about windows , facebook tricks , android and much more .Professionally Shivam is an CS Engineer.
And President @ Aashayen Foundation.

The idea which inspired IJ-Tech was the need of an Indian technology website/blog which would be a unification and intersection of diverse interests. It aims at fulfilling all needs of people who are interested in trending science and latest technology news. Our tagline “Anything About Technology” tries to address the same diversity.

We try to provide latest technology news and information about budding startups which could become Google, Facebook and Apple of tomorrow.

About the founders:

IJ Tech is created by Ijaz Ahamed and Shivam Patsariya – who is final year engineering students from IEJU, Madhya Pradesh. They share a common dream of making IJ Tech a top technology website/blog of India.

Just like the nature of this website, they have a diverse variety of interests. Shivam is a Computer Science Engineering student whereas Ijaz is studying in 10th Standard. Ijaz loves writing, movies, literature, computers, Hacking, blogging. Shivam is more of a tech enthusiast who loves gaming, blogging, and networking, Hacking, writing, Singing, Dancing, Teaching and Photography. “IJ Tech” is created by them primarily with the idea of providing you the most recent updates and information from the technical mines and your environs.

Contact us: ijaskalikavu@gmail.com