5 Simple Steps To An Effective golf GPS Strategy

If you are a golf player, you will understand that the game rewards precision and accuracy. Like for any other game, consistency is key if you want to become a really good golf player. While it may look easy to swing the ball and land it in a hole, it is not that simple a process.


You need to figure out how far the hole is and how forcefully you should hit the ball. The correct combination of both will win you the game. In golf, the person who scores a hole with the least number of strokes is always more valued than the player who just swings his club and hits the ball far.


Golf GPS is an effective tool that will help you improve your tactics in the game. It will help you strategies better and play the game more efficiently. It gives you a comprehensive idea about the layout of the course and the location of the holes relative to your balls. As a result, you have a clear picture in your mind as to what you are aiming for when you are getting ready to hit the ball.


Key Steps to Follow:


There is a method for everything, and strategizing better for golf using a GPS also requires clarity and organization.


1.Manage the Course:


Any high-quality Golf GPS system will have integrated golf course maps. So before you set out for your regular golf game, do a thorough study of the course. Log its name in the system and then try to get an idea about the troubles you might face for every individual hole. This will help you form an effective game plan before you even leave your house. Any potential problem can be dealt with if you ponder over it for some time. Choose your clubs accordingly. This way of managing your game for every course you play in, is a sure way of lowering your score.


2.Gauge Your Distance:

A lot of time goes to waste when you have to manually calculate or estimate the distance from your ball to the hole you are aiming for. This not only causes an interruption in your game, but also messes with your concentration. Some GPS systems also have a feature that enables you to hit a ball and measure the distance it has covered, during practice. This knowledge will be immensely helpful later as you will know which technique of swinging will help your ball reach the hole. You will exactly where to hit because of the GPS map.

3.Target the Centre:

Your GPS system will leave no stones unturned to provide you all the data it possibly can. You will be able to get an estimate of distances across the course. But remember, trying to coordinate too much can backfire especially if you are a beginner. So if you are looking to play a simple game, do not concentrate on the front and back distances for some time. Instead, steadily aim for the Centre of the green. The distance between the location of your ball and the green is the vital piece of information that can win you games.


4.Select Your Shots Wisely:

Your GPS allows you considerable liberty to frame your game strategy. If you can understand which shot with which club will result in what kind of an impact on the ball from beforehand, you will know how to frame your tactic for the day. The PTP or the Point to Point Technology in your GPS can give you a yardage that will help you get your preferred approach slot. Since you know the location of the hole, this will be easier.


5.Collect the Data for Improvement:

The GPS can record and store your scores and other playing statistics. Capitalize on them to improve your game further. This will help you understand how good a player you are, and which areas you need to work on. A fair comparison will help you note down both the positives and the negatives to take away from each game.


A golf GPS can give the sport a whole new dimension for you. The satisfaction you will gain from playing the game will be immense. So what are you waiting for? Buy a device or download an application, and go the smart way.

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